Teeth Whitening

At Madoc Dental Care we appreciate the importance of feeling good about your self and the impact a beautiful bright white smile can have on your confidence. Teeth whitening is a safe and effective procedure that will make your teeth several shades lighter, and in a majority of cases it is the only treatment you need to give your smile that little extra you are looking for.

Teeth can loose their natural brightness and colour over time influenced by smoking, drinking tea, coffee and red wine. This in turn can affect the overall appearance of a smile and self esteem. At Madoc Dental Care the practitioners are fully trained in using the only teeth whitening system in the world to guarantee a B1 shade – Enlighten. There are a number of enlighten products available, so book for a complimentary consultation for advice.

Will teeth whitening damage my teeth?

No, at Madoc Dental Care we only use whitening products that contain the legally allowed concentration of bleach that does not remove any tooth structure or cause adverse effects. In a minority of cases teeth whitening can cause some temporary sensitivity, however our highly trained professionals will advise you regarding this and highlight your risk.

Please note, it is illegal for non-dental personnel to sell teeth whitening products. What they sell you has a risk of causing permanent damage to your teeth and blistering your gums.

How long will the whitening process take?

Generally it will take two weeks to get to the desired result, however in some circumstances it may take longer.

Is teeth whitening permanent?

Results are long lasting, however it does depend on an individual’s smoking habits, food and drink intake that can re-stain the teeth. Maintenance is simple once the initial treatment is completed by occasionally refreshing the whitening for one night. Once you have the trays you can buy top up whitening products from Madoc Dental Care.

Will tooth whitening work on false teeth?

No, the whitening product will not work on porcelain crowns, implants or acrylic teeth. A thorough dental exam prior to whitening will identify if you have any of these and the dental professional will inform you.

I want teeth whitening, what is the next stage?

Contact Madoc Dental Care to book in with the highly trained dental care professional either the dentist or Hygienest for a complimentary consultation.