Dental Hygienist Clinic

Dental Hygienist Services – Angela Smith

Dental hygiene is key to a healthy smile and improving your overall health. At Madoc Dental Care we are able to accommodate our hygiene services to non-registered patients.

The hygienist will complete a detailed check of your gums to decide a treatment plan, and a thorough cleaning with special equipment. One of the most important roles of the Hygienest is they will teach you how to look after your teeth at home, this is important to help prevent gum disease, decay and look after any work you have had done.

Cleaning – The purpose of dental cleaning is too remove the hard and soft deposits off your teeth that lie above and below the gum line. The Hygienest is able to reach areas that you might not be able to at home.

Polishing – The hygienist will then use an abrasive polish on the crowns of your teeth to remove any remaining surface stains and leave your mouth feeling fresh.

Our Hygienest can also advice regarding tooth whitening, and decay prevention through diet management and fluoride application.