Crowns are restorations that sit on top of a natural tooth, they aim to restore teeth back to its original shape and strength. Crowns are recommended when a tooth is fractured, had a root filling or is discoloured. Crowns come in all different materials and the dentist will help advise which is the best.

Completing a crown normally takes two visits, in the first visit the dentist will prepare the tooth for the crown by shaping the tooth, taking a mould of your tooth and placing a temporary crown to protect the prepared tooth. The second visit is to fit the crown that the lab has made especially to fit your tooth.


Bridges sure used to replace one or more missing teeth. Bridges are excellent at restoring appearance, function and preventing other teeth moving into the gaps. Bridges are fixed into the mouth using the teeth either side for anchorage, therefore can not be removed for cleaning. To encourage longevity and health a complimentary Hygienest visit will be provided following placement of your bridge. Bridges come in a variety of materials and shades, that can be matched to the existing teeth to give a natural appearance.